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Hi, the name is Roger Spence. (Contact me)

I had been bushwalking for years and had often looked at the vast areas that salt lakes covered and wondered, but it wasn't until 1996 that I convinced Jim Pearson that we should go for a hike on Lake Frome.

As we headed out to a nearby island, carry our 30kilo packs(10lts of water and a cask)we started to sink and the sinkiing got deeper we wondered if we were doing the right thing, but after about a kilometre we hit the hard crust. The rest of that LWE we had a great time exploring and that is when I became hooked on salt lakes.

I did a couple more trips taking fellow members from the Adelaide Bush Walking Club.

Then in 1998 I built a cart so I could extend my range and started salt lake walking.

Here are a few of my trips which have covered Lakes Frome and Eyre and the Tiarari Desert.

By the way the WHY (I want to be alone) section is a slight exaggeration. Mao really went to Victor Harbor