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My reasons for doing it. Why do it

I have heard others say that this is where you feel the "Real Australia". As a bushwalker I find that it takes me to remote areas that very few people have seen and the use of a cart, which allows me to carry 50 lts or more of water, means that I am not dependent on my destinations having water. So I can go any where that the cart will go.Distances become distorted as there is very few reference points and every little object on the lake surface is an attraction. I am a member of the Adelaide Bush Walkers Club and have taken a few groups on Lake Frome. As we walk across the lake people will wander over to look at the most insignificant objects.

I suppose it's the nearest thing that I will get to pulling a sleigh across the Antarctic Ice. For at times it feel like you are in a remote snow field, especially first thing in the morning during June and July as it can be quite cool.

Above are three other reasons - says he tongue in cheek.